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Mental health, addiction and poverty are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and struggle that impacts our selves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community.


RECONNECT ­‐ Direct Action for Direct Change

Non­‐violent, direct action approach to public outreach that connects the reality of the lived experience of homelessness.

BECOMING VISIBLE ­‐ De‐stigmatize & Educate

The creation of dynamic educational content to raise public awareness and inspire action towards ELIMINATING homelessness in Victoria.

Current Projects

The Lived Experience Story Writing Workshop

A dynamic story-writing workshop that seeks to create harmony and understanding between different groups of people using creative expression as a medium. Each workshop consists of 8-10 individuals with and without lived experience of homelessness. Two and a half hours in length, participants will be facilitated through a process to create and share, within the group, a story based on their lived experience where THEY are the main character. With the permission of the authors, stories are to be further shared through a blog and social media with a public audience. Eventually, published, written copies of these stories may be drafted into a storybook for wider distribution. Our belief is that storytelling and direct experiential connection play a powerful role in de-stigmatizing common conceptions of mental health, addiction and poverty while furthering an understanding of ourselves and the places we live in.

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