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The Lived Experience Story Writing Workshop


A story writing workshop that seeks to create harmony and understanding between different groups of people using creative expression as a medium. With the permission of the authors, stories are to be shared through a blog and social media with a public audience. Eventually, published, written copies of these stories may be drafted into a storybook for wider distribution.


Mental health, addiction and poverty are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and struggle that impacts ourselves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community. Storytelling and direct experiential connection can play a powerful role in de-stigmatizing common conceptions of mental health, addiction and poverty and can further an understanding of ourselves and the places we live in.


A structured two-hour process (three 30 minute blocks + breaks) that contains the following elements:

1a) Two facilitators responsible for guiding the process and helping any individuals struggling individually with the workshop.

1b) Introductions – “something about yourself”, “why you are here”, “what is it you hope to accomplish”, “what is the basis of our unity”?

2) Framing – How to structure a story, building a story based on your lived experience where you are the main character.

3) Writing – an hour and a half space for creating your story.

-The story is about you.
-What problem are you facing?
-What have you tried that didn’t work?
-What would work?
-What could you do?
-How do you see this story resolving, not ending, but in progressing as every end has a new beginning?
-What do people need to know that you left out?

4) Group sharing – Sharing your story with the group.

5) Creating a simple biography about yourself as an author.

6) Feedback and evaluation of the workshop – completing an evaluation sheet and providing oral feedback.

7) Follow up – contact info taken for further sessions and information regarding a possible book launch as well as how and when the stories will be shared.

*Accompanied with two fifteen minute breaks and refreshments throughout. In exchange for their time all participants will receive a 20$ honorarium for participating as well as a gift certificate for footwear and socks sponsored by Frontrunners



An 8-10 person group consisting of people from the financial ‘mainstream’ and ‘fringe’ of society. The only pre-requisite is that the individual participating be literate.



Ongoing bi-weekly with alternating dates and times at the start and mid-way point of each month.


Anawim House, 973 Caledonia Avenue, Victoria BC

How to participate:

If you are interested in applying to take part in this workshop please contact us via email at marko@theexistenceproject.ca